Quick Q&A: Red Peter

Where and when: VAULT Festival / 6 – 8 March at 6 pm/ 8th March at 3 pm

What it’s all about… A stage adaptation of the short story A Report to An Academy by Franz Kafka, is a monologue from a captured West African ape who has “become” European.

An African ape has been captured in the jungles of West Africa and brought back to ‘civilization’ by his European captors. To escape a life of incarceration, he ‘evolves’ into a human being. Red Peter mimics human habits from the crew of the ship upon which he is imprisoned, masters human speech and eventually decides to embrace human society rather than languish in a zoo as an ape. He presents to an academy to give a report about his former life.

You’ll like it if…

  • Audience members with a multicultural background and those who are interested in changing cultural norms in society.
  • Animal lovers and those interested in animal rights.
  • Lovers of physical theatre, Franz Kafka, and original stories.

You should see it because… the audience will be engaged from the moment they sit down not only by the theme of the play but also by its interest in how this humanised ape will appear on stage and what it will say to them.

Anything else we should know…: Critics’ Choice of Best Shows 2019 – London Pub Theatre Magazine
Nominated / Finalist for Off West End Fringe Festival Award
★★★★★ “An outstanding performance” -Broadway World
★★★★★ “A thought provoking piece”, “Barnes is excellent as the gifted ape” -The Upcoming ★★★★ ½ “Superbly acted and directed”, “A well thought out production” -London Pub Theatre Magazine

Where to follow:
Twitter: @chrisyy67
Instagram: @gridtheatre
Facebook: @GridTheatre

Book here: https://vaultfestival.com/whats-on/red-peter/

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Quick Q&A: She Is A Place Called Home

Where and when: 3rd – 8th March, 6.20pm (matinee: 8th March – 3.20pm). VAULT Festival

What it’s all about… The show follows two British Nigerian sisters as they navigate their Dad’s decision to get another wife (as in, in addition to their Mum), and what this means for their faith, family and future. It explores several difficult topics including clashes between culture and faith, the experience of eating disorders by black women and non-physical forms of domestic violence.

You’ll like it if… you’re a fan of afro beats, traditional Nigerian dance and a show with more plot twists than a Nollywood movie.

On a more serious note, sisterhood is at the heart of this show, so if you have a sister or close female friends, it really explores that relationship and how it endures in the face of tragedy.

You should see it because… when was the last time you saw a play about bigamy?

Anything else we should know…: The play was developed as part of the VAULT Festival New Writers Programme 2019, led by award-winning writer Camilla Whitehill (Freeman, Where Do Little Birds Go?), and showcased during VAULT Festival 2019 in a sold-out show. It was also shortlisted for the Untapped Award, a partnership between New Diorama Theatre, Underbelly and Oberon Books.

We’re also partnering with Solace Women’s Aid, an innovative and grass roots charity that supports women and children who have experienced domestic and sexual violence to build safe and strong lives. At the end of each show, we will be collecting both monetary donations and donations of toiletries to support their work.

Where to follow:
Twitter: @sheisaplace
Instagram: @sheisaplaceplay

Book here: https://vaultfestival.com/whats-on/she-is-a-place-called-home/

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Quick Q&A: This Queer House

Where and when: VAULT Festival 2020 | 27th Feb – 1st March; 16:30 and 19:45 | Network Theatre

What it’s all about… A young queer and non-binary couple, Leah and Oli, inherit a house and seize at the chance to acquire a dream. A joint renovation project begins. A house gathers strength…

You’ll like it if… you like daring work that blends together music and spoken word and movement, that turns queer theory into chaotic drama, that finds new ways to speak about gender.

You should see it because… it gets weird and wonderful. As the young queer couple try to make a home for themselves, the very house they are in begins to grow restless…

Anything else we should know…: This Queer House is an exciting collaboration between award-winning poet Oakley Flanagan and the multi-disciplinary OPIA Collective, a group of female and LGBTQIA+ artists.

Where to follow:
Twitter: @OpiaCollective
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/429035324672650/ 
Instagram: @opiacollective

Book here: https://vaultfestival.com/whats-on/this-queer-house/

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Quick Q&A: Paper Straws

Where and when: VAULT Festival 21st-23rd February

What it’s all about…Meet Joe, Lou and Martha: three people brought up through the ‘Life Raft’ system, a scheme that re-homes children from places deemed unliveable because of the changing climate. Now as adults, they each have very different relationships to how climate change has shaped their identities. One day they get a calling: it’s time to step up and do something. Part family drama. Part surreal comedy. Full climate crisis.

You’ll like it if… you like the idea of a climate thriller crossed with a choose your adventure covered with a sprinkle of gameshow glitz and a guest appearance from the Lord Almighty.

You should see it because… it’s grappling with the big questions around what we should all be doing about the climate crisis and there is no better time for us all to be having this conversation. Plus it’ll be fun!

Anything else we should know…: It’s a work in progress. So we want to know what you think. We’ll be asking our audience to help us make the show bigger and better. So come chat to us after the show or fill out a feedback form.

Where to follow:
Hashtag: #PAPERSTRAWSplay
Website: www.pearshapedtheatre.co.uk/
Twitter: @pearshapedplays
Facebook: @pearshapedplays
Instagram: @pearshapedplays

Book here: https://vaultfestival.com/whats-on/paper-straws/

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Quick Q&A: Be More Bee

Where and when: VAULT Festival, Crescent – Friday 28th February and Sunday 1st March 2020

What it’s all about… A success at the Camden Fringe last year, Lightning Bugs is thrilled to make their VAULT Festival debut with their first show, bringing outlandish absurdity and audience interaction to a fresh look at nationalism, through the eyes of the bees.

Be More Bee exposes the darker side of nationalism through the power games, and actual games, of a welcome party for migrants in which they learn to become more like bees. A mask of British politeness covers a multitude of sins, but you can tell a lot about a host from the way they treat their guests. This interactive show questions which British traditions we hold onto and which we discard and whether we can be more like the bees and care for each other and the world, without losing our humanity. Exploring the contradictions of a nostalgia for 1950s Britain, which longs for community yet glorifies traditions from the top of the class system, this playful production considers the link between climate crisis and rising nationalism, and whether we can find a ‘Britishness’ that is really fair, or tolerant.

You’ll like it if… Struggling to fit in? Out of step with this crazy new world? Well Bea’s got just the ticket to make you feel at home. It’s the bees! They know what’s really the buzz in this country! Come to Bea’s Garden Party and get stuck in – she’ll guide you through the honey-soaked life-hacks of the British Bee.

You should see it because… A “sweet-centred and clever show”; “This is our show as much as yours, and is never a bore”; “paced just right”, with a “surprising and evocative ending”; “we learn a lot about bees, Bea and each other”.

Where to follow:
Hashtag: #BeMoreBee
Twitter: @LightningBugsTC
Facebook: @lightningbugstc

Book here: https://vaultfestival.com/whats-on/be-more-bee/

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