Quick Q&A: Be More Bee

Where and when: VAULT Festival, Crescent – Friday 28th February and Sunday 1st March 2020

What it’s all about… A success at the Camden Fringe last year, Lightning Bugs is thrilled to make their VAULT Festival debut with their first show, bringing outlandish absurdity and audience interaction to a fresh look at nationalism, through the eyes of the bees.

Be More Bee exposes the darker side of nationalism through the power games, and actual games, of a welcome party for migrants in which they learn to become more like bees. A mask of British politeness covers a multitude of sins, but you can tell a lot about a host from the way they treat their guests. This interactive show questions which British traditions we hold onto and which we discard and whether we can be more like the bees and care for each other and the world, without losing our humanity. Exploring the contradictions of a nostalgia for 1950s Britain, which longs for community yet glorifies traditions from the top of the class system, this playful production considers the link between climate crisis and rising nationalism, and whether we can find a ‘Britishness’ that is really fair, or tolerant.

You’ll like it if… Struggling to fit in? Out of step with this crazy new world? Well Bea’s got just the ticket to make you feel at home. It’s the bees! They know what’s really the buzz in this country! Come to Bea’s Garden Party and get stuck in – she’ll guide you through the honey-soaked life-hacks of the British Bee.

You should see it because… A “sweet-centred and clever show”; “This is our show as much as yours, and is never a bore”; “paced just right”, with a “surprising and evocative ending”; “we learn a lot about bees, Bea and each other”.

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Book here: https://vaultfestival.com/whats-on/be-more-bee/

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