Quick Q&A: Paper Straws

Where and when: VAULT Festival 21st-23rd February

What it’s all about…Meet Joe, Lou and Martha: three people brought up through the ‘Life Raft’ system, a scheme that re-homes children from places deemed unliveable because of the changing climate. Now as adults, they each have very different relationships to how climate change has shaped their identities. One day they get a calling: it’s time to step up and do something. Part family drama. Part surreal comedy. Full climate crisis.

You’ll like it if… you like the idea of a climate thriller crossed with a choose your adventure covered with a sprinkle of gameshow glitz and a guest appearance from the Lord Almighty.

You should see it because… it’s grappling with the big questions around what we should all be doing about the climate crisis and there is no better time for us all to be having this conversation. Plus it’ll be fun!

Anything else we should know…: It’s a work in progress. So we want to know what you think. We’ll be asking our audience to help us make the show bigger and better. So come chat to us after the show or fill out a feedback form.

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Website: www.pearshapedtheatre.co.uk/
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Book here: https://vaultfestival.com/whats-on/paper-straws/

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