Quick Q&A: Banter Jar

Where and when: The Lion and Unicorn Theatre – 10th-14th May

What it’s all about… Banter Jar is a one-woman play about growing up. About sex and giggles, self-harm and busking. Hannah is about to go off to college, so there’s one final summer to seal the deal on childhood. For freedom and parties. For falling in love. And for working out how to love that person when their demons keep telling you to f*** off. Why is it always the kindest people that’re the saddest?

Directed by Fringe First Award Winner (for An Instinct For Kindness) Chris Larner.

CONTENT ADVISORY: Contains music and singing, swearing, talk on sex, self-harm, suicide and mental health issues.

You’ll like it if… You like theatre that makes you think and feel, and if you like stand up comedy. Banter Jar is a mixture of the two. It’s real. It’s funny. And it’s tied together with a whole lot of love.

You should see it because… It’s new, engaging writing. It’s funny and heart wrenching. And it’s only 60 minutes long. So grab your specs and head over to The Lion and Unicorn! 

Where to follow:
Twitter: @ chrislarner / @bakerr_hannah
Instagram: @ banterjar / @hannahdabaker / @chris.larner

Book here: https://www.thelionandunicorntheatre.com/whats-on

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