Quick Q&A: I Couldn’t Do Your Job

Where and when: The Pleasance Theatre, 4th-7th May

What it’s all about… Over a period of five years, Iceni Theatre Company interviewed NHS paramedics, which has created our unfiltered, verbatim play. The play follows five paramedics and the interviewer, who guides open discussions in the crew mess. The interviewer’s character – who is created by interviews of paramedics’ children – is trying to understand their dad more and essentially the why and the how of what paramedics do. They share stories paramedics wanted the public to know, from their funniest and most embarrassing stories to serious issues like underfunding, time-wasters, politics and even PTSD as a result of the job. At the end of the play you see who’s still in the job and why, and who had to step aside due to mental health and lack of support.

You’ll like it if… You’re ready to go on a rollercoaster of emotions! This play will take you from belly laughs to feeling those gut wrenching truths. You’ll like it if you want to hear an honest perspective from real paramedics about the state of the NHS and understanding their daily work rather than the glamourised portrayal you’ll see on TV. 

You should see it because… It is authentic, funny, raw and more timely than ever.

Where to follow:
Twitter: @icenitheatre1
Instagram: @ icenitheatrecompany

Book here: https://www.pleasance.co.uk/event/i-couldnt-do-your-job#overview

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