Quick Q&A: The Crooked Spire

Where and when: Pomegranate Theatre, Chesterfield, Thursday 19th May – Saturday 21st May (BSL performance on Thursday 19th May)

What it’s all about… It’s an exciting new show, written by Ashgate Heritage Arts, which has Chesterfield’s iconic ‘crooked spire’ at its heart. 

Based on the novel The Crooked Spire by Chris Nickson, the musical is set in the mid-14th century and follows John, a carpenter, who has travelled from York to find work on the new spire which is being constructed on top of St Mary and All Saints Church.

Before long the Master Carpenter at the Church is murdered and John becomes the chief suspect. The only way he can clear his name is to find out who the real killer is. As he gets closer to the truth further murders are committed and John’s life is in great danger. 

John makes new friends in Chesterfield who help him with his detective work, in particular a young boy called Walter whose parents have both died in the plague. Walter’s elder sister, a local seamstress, has caught John’s eye, but audiences will have to come and see for themselves whether John uncovers the truth and wins the heart of a good Chesterfield lass.

You’ll like it if… you love toe-tapping tunes, cheeky humour and good all round family entertainment.

You should see it because… It’s a West End calibre musical which celebrates the iconic ‘crooked spire’ as well as the resilience, passion and friendliness of Chesterfield’s people.

Anything else we should know…: The show is being directed by Jake Smith who directed Sting’s The Last Ship and the tour of Sleepy Hollow. It stars Gerard Fletcher who appears in The Crown and new BBC drama Sherwood and who can also belt out a tune! It also features Stephanie Putson who played Billy Elliot’s mum in the London production. 

Where to follow:
Twitter: @AHA_cic
Facebook: @ashgateheritagearts
Instagram: @ashgateheritagearts

Book here: https://chesterfieldtheatres.co.uk/shows/the-crooked-spire-medieval,-murder-mystery-musical.aspx#.YmhaufPMLs1 

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