Quick Q&A: All Girl Band

Where and when: 13th June, Phoenix Arts Club

What it’s all about… Are you tired of hearing sopranos sing about forbidden love? Yawn. Have you grown weary of altos dying in act two, having been snubbed for said soprano? Yikes! Screw that! Hot Girl Summer’s here, and the cast of All Girl Band is feeling fun, flirty and fabulous. Join us for an evening of celebrating femme fatales, divas, and gals just being pals via musical theatre hits of the last 50 years.

You’ll like it if… You love musical theatre and girl power!

You should see it because… There aren’t enough shows about celebrating female talent and women lifting each other up, so we’re to change that! A night of girls just being girls and us all supporting each other, that’s our kind of feminism!

Where to follow:
Twitter: @catapultldn
Facebook: @catapultldn
Instagram: @catapultldn

Book here: https://phoenixartsclub.com/shows/all-girl-band/

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