Quick Q&A:  The Poetical Life of Philomena McGuinness

Where and when: Etcetera Theatre, Camden 15th & 16th June

What it’s all about… It’s 1939 and Philomena McGuinness, a reluctant nurse, is on her way from Dublin to London. Newly recruited for the British war effort, she finds herself facing the challenge of a lifetime. But it is not the blood, the bombs, or even the wise-cracking soldiers that make her question her place here. It’s the fact that she is not just a nurse, but a poet too. Can one live a life true to the poetry inside them when they are constantly being defined by their role in the war?

You’ll like it if… you like character-driven one-person shows about heartbreak and self-belief, laced with comedy and action. As the impact of war on everyday life looms heavily once again in our lives, The Poetical Life of Philomena McGuinness is a funny and poignant exploration of our personal response to war, based on the true-stories of Irish nurses during World War Two.

You should see it because… Jasmin Gleeson, an amazing up-and-coming Irish comedian, brings life, emotion and humour to the role of Philomena. Though it is set during wartime, the response Philomena has to the turbulent changes to her selfhood and identity brought about by being thrust into a war, are timeless and relatable even now.

Anything else we should know…: These shows are London previews for our full run at Edinburgh, which you can also get tickets for here – https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/poetical-life-of-philomena-mcguinness In Edinburgh, The Poetical Life of Philomena McGuinness is running from August 5th – 20th (except 14th) at 16.05pm (1hr) at Greenside at Infirmary Street in Mint Studio. Previews run from August 5th – 7th. Media tickets are available for all dates.

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Book here: https://www.citizenticket.co.uk/events/etcetera-theatre/the-poetical-life-of-philomena-mcguinness/

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