Where and when:16:30 Sat 22nd Feb; 15:10 Sun 23rd Feb at VAULT Festival

What it’s all about… Nominated for Best Comedy at the 2019 Brighton Fringe, Australian comedian Henry Moss brings QUADRUPLE THRE4T to London’s VAULT Festival February 22nd and 23rd. This critically acclaimed comedy cabaret is a “delightful and delectable exploration of the cut-throat and ever-unforgiving entertainment industry” – LondonTheatre1.

Mr Henry Moss plays Harry Ledgerman, a musical theatre star and national treasure who after a public mental break-down is desperate to revamp his career. He aims to promote his tell all celebrity memoir ‘Quadruple Threat’ by hosting a series of motivational Ted talks featuring other obnoxious guest speakers who all claim they have the secret to success.

Photo credit: Seann Miley Moore

Inspired by Henry Moss’ move to London three years ago, this is a hilarious reflection of the Australians who have made it big in the UK; Kylie Minogue, Hugh Jackman, not to mention millennial pop sensation Troye Sivan (a friend of a friend of Henry’s – he’s not bitter at all).

You’ll like it if… you’re a lover of satire, character comedy, Aussie comedy and Musical theatre.

“A fast paced tour de force, Moss seldom leaving the stage and only then to return as yet another character in this crash and burn descent set in the world of entertainment… And if all that sounds rather dark then don’t worry, because the whole is delivered with side achingly funny humour.” The Latest ★★★★★

You should see it because… it’s a hysterical depiction of the self-help and entertainment industry.

“A number of celebrity interviews demonstrate Henry Moss’ versatility still further, as he plays out each character himself… he utterly nails both the persona and intonations… simply magnificent, and frankly, it’s worth attending this show just for that.” London Theatre1 ★★★★★

Anything else we should know…: Mr. Henry Moss’s QUADRUPLE THRE4T has evolved into a tour de force with the viral spin-off web series ‘Krystal Lee Management’ that follows the hilarious inner workings of an Aussie talent agency. (mrhenrymoss.com/videos)

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