Quick Q&A: V+15

Where and when: 26th Feb – 1st March VAULT Festival

What it’s all about… Jo Sutherland’s dystopian debut play V+15 imagines a world in which books are banned and dissent is brutally suppressed. When whistle-blower, Alina, tries to convince journalist, Vincent, to play a part in sabotaging the system, the pair are forced to confront the ways in which they are guilty of manipulating language for their own gain. V+15 explores the cost of speaking up against injustice and the weaponization of words by the powerful.

You’ll like it if… you like shows like Black Mirror and Mr Robot, or books like The Handmaid’s Tale or Fahrenheit 451. It’s dystopian fiction meets political thriller.

You should see it because… it’s a tense two-hander which explores big issues like censorship and freedom of speech from a human perspective.

Anything else we should know…: V+15 is the inaugural production of Nevertheless Theatre Company. Nevertheless is a new, female-led company committed to staging urgent, inventive productions designed to entertain, excite, and challenge our audiences.

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Book here: https://vaultfestival.com/whats-on/V15/ 

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