Quick Q&A: When the Rain Stops Falling

Where and when: The Lion and the Unicorn Theatre, Sept 24th – 29th 2019

What it’s all about… How can we carry the baggage from the generations before us… Every family has a secret, but what is the cost of these mistakes and misfortunes?

We begin our story in Alice Springs, 2039. A fish falls from the sky and lands at the feet of Gabriel York. And it still smells of the sea. It’s been raining for days and Gabriel knows something is wrong. Fifty years earlier, his grandfather Henry Law predicts that fish will fall from the sky, heralding a great flood which will end life on earth as we know it.

WTRSF is an intricate, multi-layered story that spans four generations and two hemispheres, from the claustrophobia of a London flat in 1959 to the windswept coast of Southern Australia, and into the heart of the Australian desert in 2039.

This multi award-winning play by Andrew Bovell interweaves a series of connected stories, as seven people confront the mysteries of their past in order to understand their future; revealing how patterns of betrayal, love and abandonment are passed on. Until finally, as the desert is inundated with rain, one young man finds the courage to defy the legacy.

This is the debut production from The Kindling Collective.

You’ll like it if… you’re interested in theatre that challenges the norm! WTRSF is an explosion of physical storytelling in ways you have not seen before. Bovell’s award-winning text is brought to life by a 6-strong ensemble and original, contemporary music by composer Nick Di Gregorio.

You should see it because… it is the Kindling Collective’s debut production, following a highly successful Variety Show Fan the Flame, and an R&D workshop of When the Rain Stops Falling. Though new and non-profit, the company is rapidly acquiring a strong following, due to the high quality of its work, but also the affordable development opportunities/workshops being launched for likeminded artists, and actors wishing to challenge and refine their personal ‘process’.

Anything else we should know…: The Kindling Collective is a new ensemble driven company doing things a little differently, particularly in the rehearsal room. We’re passionate about creating visceral, sensory-rich experiences for audiences and artists alike, all through an unwavering commitment to the ‘creative process’ at every stage of our work. We seek to revolutionise rehearsal rooms, using dynamic musical and physical storytelling practices to generate freedom, boundless creativity and safe self-expression for our engaged artists.

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Book here: https://www.thelionandunicorntheatre.com/whats-on#/event/when-the-rain-stops-falling-4

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Quick Q&A: Different Sand & Willow Double Bill

Where and when: The Bunker Theatre, 8th, 9th, 15th and 16th September

What it’s all about… Lemon House Theatre are opening up The Bunker’s B-Sides season with their double bill of Different Sand and Willow.

Different Sand follows British-Algerian sisters Amira and Linda, who live day-in-day out in their dingy North-London flat, whilst trying to match the needs of their Algerian father.

When Amira decides it’s time for her to get married, the sisters battle over what’s going to happen next, and who they really are.

This modern family drama discusses what it means to come from two cultures and, ultimately, what it means to be sisters.

Willow sees Gabi take to the stage, who is 100% sure she knows why she and her girlfriend Lottie broke up. Or 70% sure. Maybe 50%. Can she show it to you? The best parts, the parts she still doesn’t understand, and the parts she’s still trying to get over.

But is it possible to tell your own story, and tell it honestly? Especially when your ex-girlfriend is sharing the stage with you.

In Willow, Gabi and Lottie explore the fault lines in their relationship, and their (very) different views on the fallout, looking at how being truthful and certain aren’t always the same thing.

You’ll like it if… you want some escapism and a laugh!

You should see it because… Different Sand is being staged by an all-female, Algerian team and Willow by an all-female, queer team – it’s important to support these voices on stage.

Anything else we should know…: A single ticket for Different Sand or Willow is £10, but a double bill ticket to see both is £15.

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Book here: https://www.bunkertheatre.com/whats-on/different-sand

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Quick Q&A: In and Out of Chekhov’s Shorts

Where and when: Greenwich Theatre, 12th-14th September then 4 week national tour

What it’s all about… Taking Chekhov out of the normal stuffy drawing room setting, this is a play consisting of five short tales delivered by a band of travelling gypsies with live music as an integral part of the action. Making the most of the humour, pathos and oddity that is Chekhov!

You’ll like it if… you like to laugh, you like classical theatre with an innovative twist, you like Chekhov, you love music or you enjoy a story well told.

You should see it because… it will make you laugh and cry and keep you thoroughly entertained. These brilliantly observed stories are delivered by a group of five talented actor musicians who will keep you on the edge of your seat all evening. The show is accompanied with a thorough education pack for those who want to know more about Chekhov or for school parties.

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Book here: www.dragonboyproductions.com

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Quick Q&A: Classified

Where and when: 11th October, The Lion and Unicorn Theatre

What it’s all about… Three short, interlinking plays exploring the impact of social class on individual lives, set in the present day and an imagined near-future.

It is 2019 and Leanne is faced with a terrible choice if she wants to give her child a better life. Sixty years from now, a couple contend with the brutal outcome of a rigidly stratified society; while Sarah, in the third play, is driven towards making her own drastic protest against the dystopian world in which she lives. Inspired by real-life situations of social exclusion and inequality, Classified imagines what might happen if present class divisions are taken to the extreme. And, in our current climate of political instability and uncertainty, it asks whether some responses to injustice can ever be acceptable.

You’ll like it if… you like Black Mirror, Bandersnatch and enjoy thought-provoking drama, which entertains with great storylines and powerful acting.

You should see it because…  Classified is a play for our time: in the current climate of political upheaval and uncertainty, it has never been more relevant.

Anything else we should know… Classified sold out at its premiere performance at Tristan Bates Theatre in March, and got a 4 star review and rave audience feedback – details on our website: https://looselybased.co.uk/

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Book here: www.thelionandunicorntheatre.com/whats-on#/event/classified-2

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Quick Q&A: Fit for Work

Where and when: Chapel Playhouse, 24th-25th August, 8pm

What it’s all about… Fit for Work follows Terry, an ex-plasterer who suffers from physical and mental health conditions, as he applies for the benefit Employment and Support Allowance. Terry meets Mrs Smith, a Healthcare Professional who is determined to make sure that only the most deserving claimants get awarded ESA. Is Terry fit for work?

Show image credit: Wellcome Collection

You’ll like it if… you like Ken Loach’s award-winning film I, Daniel Blake.

You should see it because… Fit for Work made a West End debut at the Tristan Bates Theatre in March, then had a sold-out performance at the Assembly Rooms Theatre’s ‘Spare Room’ Festival in Durham in June.

Peter Lathan of British Theatre Guide gave Fit for Work an extremely positive review, calling it “a very political play” which makes the audience “feel as if real life is unfolding before our eyes”.

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Twitter: @louise__powell

Book here: www.chapelplayhouse.co.uk/whats-on.html#event=31195005

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