Quick Q&A: The Quality of Mercy

Where and when: The Courtyard Theatre in Hoxton – 27 September – 8 October, Tuesday – Saturday at 7pm plus 2.30pm on Saturdays

What it’s all about… In his cell in the dead of night, Dr Harold Shipman sits and records a confessional tape, tracing his journey from childhood to becoming the most prolific serial killer in British history.

You’ll like it if… you’re interested in true crime, biographical theatre, or an in-depth psychological study of a murderer whose motives will forever remain shrouded in mystery. Beyond the central character, The Quality of Mercy touches on themes of euthanasia, narcissistic psychopathy, and how the human desire to see justice done can often become warped into a lust for power.

You should see it because… It’s really good! Seriously, it’s been meticulously researched with a central performance that will make you sit bolt upright in your seat. Media about crime in general, and murder in particular, tends to be sensationalist and even lurid; from the beginning, we’ve conceived this piece to be thrilling, but profoundly respectful to the victims and their families.

Anything else we should know… Edwin Flay, the playwright and actor, is related to one of Shipman’s victims, and he was himself a patient of Shipman’s as a small boy. He wrote this in 2019, in part in response to conversations he had about Shipman, in which people seemed to have forgotten the extent of the man’s crimes. The Quality of Mercy has been published by PlayDead Press, and will be available for purchase at the show.

Where to follow:
Twitter: @NailedCreates @CourtyardHoxton @EdwinFlay @La_Lawrie @BernieCByrnes #QualityofMercyPlay

Instagram: @CourtyardTheatre @La_Lawrie @BernieC.Byrnes #QualityofMercyPlay

Ticket link: https://dice.fm/search?query=the+quality+of+mercy

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