Quick Q&A: The Valley of Fear

Where and when: UK Tour, 21 September – 23 March

What it’s all about… The Valley of Fear begins with Sherlock Holmes receiving a coded message from a secret informant he has embedded in the crime world, warning him of an imminent threat to someone at a manor house in Sussex. Within moments of receiving this, the news comes of a murder. Holmes and Watson travel down to investigate the strange circumstances of the murder, and in doing so, unravel a mystery that takes us to the USA and back again, and with a rather sinister figure at its centre.

You’ll like it if… I think this is a show for everyone. If you are a Holmes fan, you’ll love this show. It’s true to the book, but with some brilliant additions by Nick Lane to bring out all the tension and backstory of the drama. If you’ve never read or seen a Holmes story before, and you just love good theatre, this is also the play for you. It has compelling characters, a really brilliant mystery, murder, a love story, action, live music and will take you on a hell of an adventure.

You should see it because… Well, this is a Sherlock Holmes story, so it’s written for everyone. Conan Doyle’s instalments of the stories in the Strand magazine were the popular culture highlight of the day, among those who enjoyed them. I always think that Victorian audiences must have had to struggle through the agonising wait of weekly instalments of the stories in just the same way we have to with great TV series today. So this is a show for those who love Holmes stories, but also any lovers of murder mysteries, suspense and adventure. If you came to see the last Blackeyed Theatre Holmes production, The Sign of Four, we have the same Holmes and Watson back on stage, so we see a new aspect of their friendship. I think audiences will see new challenges for the duo, their friendship and working relationship, and how they must overcome these as well as the complexities of the mystery.

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Twitter: @Blackeyedtheatr

Ticket link: https://blackeyedtheatre.co.uk/shows-2/shows/sherlock-holmes-the-valley-of-fear/#tab-80653

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