Quick Q&A: Delusions and Grandeur

Where and when: The Hen and Chickens Theatre Bar, as part of Camden Fringe on August 17th and 18th at 6pm and August 20th and 21st at 3pm.

What it’s all about… A classically trained cellist, an improv trained comedian, and a seasoned performer, Karen Hall fuses her artforms together into a must-see, one-woman show contemplating perfectionism, expectations, mastery, and failure. After years in the pit, the symphony, and the background in some of the biggest venues in the United States, Karen and her cello take centre stage for this idiot meets artistry, clown-fused recital you don’t want to miss.

You’ll like it if… You enjoy classical cello music, you’ve ever wondered if what you’re doing in life is worth it, and you don’t mind a little audience interaction.

You should see it because… Karen gives you complete permission to see and be seen as she skilfully guides you into spaces of pathos, mastery, and insanity. Plus how many opportunities are there in life to see a one-woman clown cello show?

Anything else we should know…: Karen has been featured on the TV show Glee, Emmy nominated soundtracks, and has played on stages from Carnegie Hall to the Hollywood Bowl – all with/for other people. This is her first tour under her own name after over a decade of success in the Los Angeles music industry.

Where to follow:
Instagram: @inforthelonghall

Ticket link: https://camden.ssboxoffice.com/events/delusions-and-grandeur/

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