Quick Q&A: Oedipus Electronica

Where and when: Pleasance Courtyard (Forth) at 15:30, 3rd-26th August

What it’s all about… Oedipus Electronica is about the loss of a child, and the transformation that can occur through creativity. The myth is told through Jocasta’s eyes. Jocasta is a writer struggling to process the news that she will never be a mother. She exorcises her demons through writing a savage, contemporary adaptation of the Oedipus myth.

You’ll like it if… you want to see a SHOW. It’s a full-on, powerhouse production for audiences who want to be shaken to the core and taken on a rollercoaster ride through ecstasy and devastation. Black audiences who want to see themselves represented, female audiences who want to see their wants and desires expressed unapologetically. Audiences who will relish seeing sex, drugs and live Electronica on stage.

You should see it because… Anyone who knows what it is to struggle (i.e. to be human) and likes their theatre strong.

Anything else we should know…: The audience will take away the redemptive power of creativity. The show is full of triggers, flashing lights, smoke and swearing. You’ve been warned!

Where to follow:
Twitter: @pecho_mama
Instagram: @pecho_mama
Facebook: @pechomama

Ticket link: https://www.pleasance.co.uk/event/oedipus-electronica#overview

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