Quick Q&A: Today I Killed My Very First Bird

Where and when: Pleasance Courtyard (Beside) at 14:10, 3rd-29th August

What it’s all about… Today I Killed My Very First Bird is a semi biographical, poetical rendition about growing up in South East London. It started off as a poem written at a bus stop, and has been developed by piecing together a series of poems to create this epic story which follows a gangster for the last 24 hours of his life. It explores childhood trauma and the environment in which that child grew up in, taking away his innocence only to create a beast. It’s fast paced with no holds barred and says it exactly as it is.

You’ll like it if… I would imagine it would appeal to people from all walks of life however, I would definitely recommend being 16 years old or over.

You should see it because… Everyone should come and see the show. It’s an insight into the gritty criminal underworld of South East London. I would like audiences to take away a piece of my soul and a greater understanding of how trauma affects everyone especially children.

Anything else we should know…: I think it’s important that people who are not necessarily from theatrical backgrounds are heard. This story comes from lived experiences and opens up the debate on a number of issues that plague our society such as childhood trauma, addiction and crime. The play hopefully gives an insight into the root causes of these problems.

Where to follow:
Twitter: @voodoo_monkeys, @TRPlymouth,

Ticket link: https://www.pleasance.co.uk/event/today-i-killed-my-very-first-bird#overview

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