Quick Q&A: The Black Blues Brothers

Where and when: Assembly Rooms (Music Hall), 3rd-28th August (16:45)

What it’s all about… The show is an acrobatic tribute to the cult movie The Blues Brothers. Imagine Jake and Elwood, but as acrobats! In an elegant nightclub reminiscent of the Cotton Club, following the caprices of an extravagant vintage radio that plays rhythm ‘n’ blues music, the barman and servers transform into performers doing balancing acts, human pyramids, waving flags and acrobatics with fire. All the objects (seats, tables, coat racks, vases and even mirrors) become tools in breath-taking stunts within a constant audience engagement. The Black Blues Brothers is pure energy and fun!

You’ll like it if… We have done more than 700 dates all around the world and we saw a variety of different people coming to see the show. That’s because The Black Blues Brothers has something for everyone: the kids love the comedy; the adults enjoy the game between the movie and the acrobatic imageries; people interested in classic circus find a very high technical level, while the ones who prefer contemporary circus or theatre appreciate the rhythm and the mixture of disciplines. And everybody is amazed by the incredible acts!

You should see it because… Everybody should come and see the show because… everybody needs The Black Blues Brothers! Spectators pass an hour of entertainment with some of the greatest songs ever written. Every second the artists are doing something new and spectacular. The astonishment is the prevalent feeling, with the joy these Kenyan acrobats spread.

Anything else we should know…: We are thrilled to be back to the Fringe. After our first appearance in 2019, the show has improved and now we are confident that the 2022 version is more powerful than ever. During our world tour we have been in Australia (where The Black Blues Brothers was chosen as the best acrobatic theatre show) and we have the honour to participate in the Royal Variety Performance. But Edinburgh Fringe is always a great and unique emotion, and we want to share it with all the audience. Let’s dance all together!

Where to follow:
Facebook: @blackbluesbrothers
Instagram: @circoedintorni

Book here: https://assemblyfestival.com/whats-on/the-black-blues-brothers

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