Quick Q&A: Love, Loss & Chianti

Where and when: Assembly Rooms (Music Hall), 54 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2LR Wednesday 3rd – Sunday 28th August 2022 (not 10th or 23rd), 12:55

What it’s all about… It’s about four years inside the head of a poet, with cartoon animation. I’ve taken two of Christopher Reid’s masterworks and crammed them together, joining him on his journey through grief, resolution, dark farce and unresolved loss. And Chianti.

Photo credit: Alex Harvey-Brown

You’ll like it if… We hope that those watching will see the human frailty in the show is very beguiling and recognisable. It needs an audience who don’t regard themselves as perfect. The language Reid employs is immediate, witty, achingly emotional and at times very funny. With the cartoon animation, it’s also spectacular.

You should see it because… Anyone who’s curious to see something different. It expresses Life Stuff and Baser Instincts in an exalting way; the sound design, the animation and the performance – everything is there to serve the language.

Anything else we should know…: Perhaps audiences will take away the language with which to approach grief, the surprise that brilliant verse can be so clear, and the desire to go to an Italian restaurant for a long long lunch.

Where to follow:
Twitter: @RobertBathurst, @beccyljohnson, @LoveLossChianti, @SFTWshows, @AssemblyFest

Book here: https://assemblyfestival.com/whats-on/love-loss-and-chianti

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