Quick Q&A: Proud 2 Be Here

Where and when: 5th July, Phoenix Arts Club

What it’s all about… Join us for a night of queer celebration, as we re-introduce you to well-loved songs from the musical theatre canon with a twist! Despite the prevalence of queer artists in the theatre industry, we’ve noticed there’s still a lack of queer representation within musical theatre stories. So, we have taken matters into our own hands, taking straight songs from the musical theatre canon and queer-ifying them to the gods. Proud 2 Be Here is an exciting new cabaret featuring stories left untold and highlighting our LGBTQIA+ members.

You’ll like it if… You love musical theatre and inclusivity!

You should see it because… We’ve rearranged some MT classics with beautiful crunchy harmonies and it’s not to be missed!

Where to follow:
Twitter: @catapultldn
Facebook: @catapultldn
Instagram: @catapultldn

Book here: https://phoenixartsclub.com/shows/proud-2-be-here/

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