Where and when: Bread & Roses (24th – 28th May)

What it’s all about… It’s 2034, the eve of the General Election, and the air is thick with the familiar feelings of hope and despair. In a TFL staff room, a world-wearied train driver and an ever-optimistic veteran of the industry reflect on how being a tube driver is no walk in the park.

Meanwhile, in 2029, on the eve of the previous election, five people are riding the tube home. When the train unexpectedly stops, the group realises that not only do they not know what’s causing the delay, but that they are also now the only people on board. As the five of them – a disenfranchised twenty-something, a politician’s PA, an expat scientist, a homeless ghost of the last hanged Londoner and a girl who no one knows – try to work out why they are trapped, they are caught up in apocalyptic speculation and new-age conspiracies, and are forced to contemplate how they each fit into this group, into London and into this ever-changing country.

Maybe the tube stopping is the first sign of the end. Or maybe, for some, the end has already begun.

As individual narratives clash with the fundamental changes of a Britain on the brink of climate, economic and societal collapse, those in 2034 and 2029 alike are left wondering the same thing: could everything change tomorrow?

You’ll like it if… you like gritty, realistic theatre with an edge of the comedic and unexpected. It is at once a love-letter and a condemnation to modern London and Britain, so if you feel at all disillusioned with the direction this country seems to be heading, and feel like mixing laughs with a little despair, then come and see JUMPER to revel in the heady mix of hope and hopelessness that pervades Britain today.

You should see it because…  it is very ‘of the moment’. If you want to engage with the feeling of being trapped in today’s world, and experience the relief at seeing how people overcome it, then JUMPER is just for you. The cast, too, is excellent and vibrant and engrossing, and the direction from Christine Mears makes the atmosphere and feeling of the mundane tube carriage enthralling and exciting. It’s a show that you will be thinking about on your train ride home.

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