Quick Q&A: Phoenix

Where and when: Pleasance 10Dome, 31st July to 26th August at 13:20

What it’s all about… Phoenix tells the story of a wannabe rock star, Ash Phoenix, who unintentionally becomes a dad. But being a musician is a really hard career to combine with looking after a small child. It’s noisy, it’s unsettled, the hours are terrible. Which is also true of music.

Ash’s dilemma is a very specific one (that allows him to sing a lot of banging songs) – but all parents face a similar problem: you’ve got to earn money to look after your child, but earning that money takes you away from that child. It’s a universal story, told in a unique way: as a one-man musical.

Although it’s all performed by one person, you get big songs with a full band as Andy loops himself to build huge tracks despite being along on stage. He not only arranged all the songs himself, he also learned to loop during rehearsals for the show. The man’s ridiculously talented.

Photo credit: Rosemary Rance

You’ll like it if… you have ever been a parent or a child.

You should see it because… Phoenix is comic, it’s uplifting and ultimately it’s a fiercely hopeful story. Let’s be honest, the world is not in a great place right now. I think we need all the hope we can get.

Anything else we should know… Our star, Andy Gallo, plays four instruments as well as every part in the show. He’s virtuosic – I’ve never seen someone play two (sometimes three) instruments at once, while at the same acting the show. I like to call him a rocktopus. So far, he seems OK with that…

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